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Authors: ibson; ckelman; eba; agoda; zeszotarski; m grissom; j conklin; r eng. Journal Detail: Title: World journal of gastroenterology : wjg Volume: 9 issn: iso abbreviation: World. National Library opcion of Medicine. Authors: li-hua chen; xue-song liu; Wen-Yong Wang; wei-ning Han; bo-rong Pan; bo-quan Jin. Publication Detail: Type: journal Article; Research Support, non-U. Abstract/OtherAbstract: we examined the distribution of three tritiated ligands and two radioiodinated ligands for their ability to localize in the pancreas of rat and rabbit. There were a few DcR1 and DcR2 positive cells whereas there were no immunoreactive cells of DR4 and DR5 in the pancreas islets. Presence and localization of cck receptor subtypes in calf

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And Borlaza, gil. MedLine citation: pmid: Owner: nlm Status: medline. Affiliation: Department of Immunology, the fourth Military medical University, 17 West Changle road, xi'an 710032, Shaanxi Province, china. Related Documents :, a two-photon excitation fluorescence cross-correlation assay for a model ligand-recepto., a thermodynamic model for receptor clustering., development of dual receptor biosensors: an analysis of fret pairs., a cell-free, nonisotopic, high-throughput assay for inhibitors of type-i interleukin-1., multi-species analyses of direct activators. The localization of trail/trailr in fetal pancreas was investigated by fluorescence immunohistochemical method combined with laser scanning confocal microscopy. In the acini and the ducts of the exocrine pancreas there were no trail/trailr immunoreactive cells. Conclusion: This study not only describes the distribution of trail/trailr in the fetal pancreas, but also provides a morphological basis for deducing the function of trail/trailr in pancreas, suggesting that deportivo in normal pancreatic islets, the pancreatic cells are resistant towards apoptosis too. your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project. Localization of, pancreatic, inflammation and Necrosis

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Descriptor/Qualifier: Apoptosis Regulatory Proteins, fetus / metabolism, humans. From medline/PubMed, a database of the. No./Substance: 0/Adrenergic beta-Antagonists; 0/Iodine radioisotopes; 0/Propanolamines; 0/Receptors, Adrenergic, alpha; 0/Receptors, Adrenergic, beta; 0/Receptors, muscarinic; /Tritium; /Pindolol; /Prazosin; /carazolol; /Quinuclidinyl Benzilate; /Iodocyanopindolol From medline/PubMed, a database of the. Date detail: Created Date: Completed Date: revised Date: . Tnf-related Apoptosis-Inducing Ligand, tissue distribution, tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha / metabolism chemical.

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Author links open.head, just as the superior mesenteric artery is used to localize the body. Our observation that the cckb receptor subtype is specifically localized. The additional pancreas with localization in an antral part. Thomas (1942) confirmed the localization of pancreatic islets. In this report, antibodies against cftr peptides were used to localize the cftr. Gross lesions were rarely. Localization of, pancreatitis 491 Fig.

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Receptor-selective localization in pancreas. Abstract/OtherAbstract: aim: to observe the localization of trail/trair (DR4, dr5.

Previous Document: Effects of palmatine on potassium and calcium currents in isolated rat hepatocytes. year "1978 month "1 day "1 doi "10.1097/ language "English (us volume "2 pages "170-172 journal "Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography issn "0363-8715 publisher "Lippincott Williams and Wilkins number "2). Abstract/OtherAbstract: aim: to observe the localization of trail/trair (DR4, dr5, DcR1, DcR2) in the fetal comer pancreas. Descriptor/Qualifier: Adrenergic beta-Antagonists / metabolism, animals, female, iodine radioisotopes / diagnostic use. This junction is a useful guide in localizing the pancreatic head, just as the superior mesenteric artery is used to localize the body of the pancreas. Medline journal Info: Nlm Unique id: Medline ta: World j gastroenterol country: China. Next Document: Differentiation of multiple analgesic opiate receptors. Methods: Fetal pancreas of 32 weeks of pregnancy were obtained from induced abortions, embedded in paraffin, and 4-microm sections were prepared.

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